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Music Composer

Marcelo has participated in more than 20 projects for different clients around the world. These projects include soundtracks for a movie, several webseries episodes and video games.

Sound Engineer - Designer

Marcelo studied Mixing and Master in Facultad de Bellas Artes UNLP. He works with cutting-edge technologies in the creation of new sounds.


Marcelo has studied music for 10 years, specializing in guitar and bass-guitar playing.

Professional music engraver

Marcelo has worked in several music engraving projects, including the transcription into music notation software of pieces for big editorials, such as Centerstream.


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About Marcelo Cataldo

Marcelo Cataldo is a musician, sound engineer, composer, guitarist and bassist in activity in La Plata, Argentina. Marcelo is about to Licenciate in Musical Education at La Plata National University (UNLP). He has studied classical guitar under Mario Arreseygor and Marco Armellino. Also he has completed both levels of Mix and Mastering in UNLP under Santiago Avila and Juan Eugenio "Cana" San Martin's teaching. Marcelo has worked in at least twenty composition and recording projects for clients from his country, Australia and USA, covering from incidental music for games and movies to recording of full original songs for videoclips. Currently Marcelo is also a music librarian and database admin in Musopen. Marcelo is also proficent in audio transcription, MIDI sequencing and score engraving in several notation software

Marcelo's Curriculum Vitae is available Here (in Spanish)

Portfolio Projects


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